I went to Mike for a 60-minute massage.  I had communicated to him that my upper

  back was very sore from stress and standing on my feet all day.  The session started

  with some breathing exercises in his very comfortable massage room.  Then I climbed

  onto the table and Mike began his magic.  I felt so relaxed, and could tell that Mike

  knew what he was doing.  During the massage he also had me do stretches, which he

  recommended I do regularly.  Mike is a very kind, generous man.  He told me that the

  next day I might feel a little bit sluggish, but I ended up feeling incredible and the days

  that followed I felt absolutely great.  Typically, after a massage I have 24-48 hours of

  feeling the effects of the massage, but Mike's skills prolonged that to almost four

  days.  I definitely recommend Mike to anyone who is interested in a great, relaxing

  and effective massage.  10/18

  The room was serene, and it was the most comfortable massage table I have ever laid

  on.  The body work was by a highly skilled and experienced man, and I remember a

  personal, diagnostic, and sincere experience.  An hour with Mike was an excellent

  value  for complete mind-body-soul massage.  I felt I was in the care of a healer.


  I was experiencing some pain and tenderness in my lower back, and I was able to

  schedule an appointment with Michael the same day.  He welcomed me to his

  attractive apartment and well-appointed massage studio.  We began with some

  breathing, centering warm-ups.  His massage table is large and comfortable.  He took

  his time assessing my body and its physical tensions, and is very intuitive in is touch.

  Michael is obviously an experienced therapist, and I appreciated his thoroughness and

  caring attitude.  He even provided ice packs to relieve my back pain.  If you are looking

  for a professional massage therapist who takes his time, knows the body well, and has

  a gentle spirit, Michael is your guy.  10/18

  What a pleasure to meet Michael and receive his skills and talents. The appointment

  was easy to book, comfortable/calm environment, and Michael provides a calm,

  sensitive approach. I have a number of injuries, and all were taken into account. The

  result was a relaxed feeling, but also an increased sensitivity to myself & my

  surroundings. When in Palm Springs, I will definitely return again. Thank you

  Michael. 3/16

  Michael is truly a great masseur. The session was incredibly relaxing, and hours

  later, my muscles are still more subtle than when I arrived at his home. He readily

  found my trigger points, which he worked on till they relaxed. My back and neck are

  the worst areas for me, because they get tense, they lock up, with decreased range

  of motion. Now I{m moving my neck with full range of motion and my back has a

  lot less pain. Can't wait to go back to him.  8/15

  Michael is an exceptional, experienced massage therapist. He creates an

  environment where you can be reconnected to yourself. I arrived scrambled and left

  feeling centered and feeling my best.  1/15

  This was my second visit to Michael and first at his new location. My massage

  experience with Michael is practically beyond words. He is the best masseur that

  I've ever had. His attitude, empathy and marvelous touch leaves me only wanting

  more! This man gives you his all and then some. Thank you Michael!  2/14

  I called Michael for a last-minute appointment. He returned my call immediately to

  set up an appointment which began 30 minutes later. Michael was gracious and

  charming, welcoming me to his home and making me comfortable from the start.

  Michael's skill as a therapist is apparent both physically, as well as emotionally. He

  remained delightfully present with me during the entire session. I especially

  appreciated that Michael was a terrific massage provider as well as someone who

  takes good care of himself. After the session I was able to shower without feeling

  the least bit rushed.  1/14

  I have used many a masseuse but rarely have I found anyone with the intuitive

  ability and talent possessed my Michael. He is so good at not just finding the areas

  needing work, but in "reading" the energy of the person he is working on and

  making the whole experience without a doubt the best massage experience one can

  find. If you need an intuitive, sensitive, talented, kind and thorough person to work

  on you, there are none better than Michael. The BEST remains the BEST!!  1/14

  A beautiful and peaceful experience. He identified and paid attention to the muscles

  that needed work. My shoulders and neck felt much better afterwards and they had

  been in some pain beforehand. Additionally, and most important, the session was

  calming and stress-relieving. A wonderful experience.  12/13

  I was warmly welcomed at the door, and guided to the massage studio room. He is

  soft spoken, gentle, and genuinely interested in the massage client, asking what

  type of massage would best suite me. I was impressed. The atmosphere was very

  serene, and I felt an immediate connection. I asked for a therapeutic massage with

  an emphasis on long deep strokes. During the massage I found myself drifting off at

  times, and then coming to an awareness of those gentle strokes from his magic

  fingers. The cream was perfect, and easily absorbed into my skin. He used just the

  right amount. It was a full body therapy massage with soft eastern "new age" style

  music in the background. It was also very therapeutic, especially for my back

  problems which seemed to vanish as he led me into complete relaxation. At times I

  felt like I was floating, both when I was on my back and when I was on my stomach.

  At the end of the massage he used chimes to sooth, and bring healing. If you are

  looking for a therapeutic massage that envelopes you, caresses you, and heals you,

  then you need this kind of work. It is blissful!  7/13

  Michael's sensitive nature, intuitive touch and healing energy is an absolute gift. He

  treated me with great care as he worked on my body. I arrived at Michael's in pain

  and left pain-free. He knows the human body and treats it with great respect.
  I have received massages from Michael in the past and I always leave feeling

  wonderful. He is a strong man who really knows how to deliver a massage. He is

  very thorough and he takes his time. I have never felt rushed and it feels like I am

  his only focus when he is working on me. I recommend Michael to anyone seeking a

  quality massage!  6/13

  Having never had a massage before I didn't know what to expect and was a bit

  nervous. Michael put me instantly at ease, both mentally and physically. This is a

  total mind and body experience. Michael truly has the gift. This is a not to be missed

  experience. It's so much more than just a massage for the body.  I would

  recommend Michael to anybody from the first timer like me or those who have had

  massages before. Your body and your mind will thank you for it. Michael is an

  amazing man with a truly amazing gift that transcends what one thinks of when it

  comes to a massage experience. Mike 1/12

  This message is to let everyone who reads this know that my massage experience

  with Michael was probably the best one I've ever had. He has a very inviting warm

  cozy and very clean apartment in Palm Springs. Michael starts with a breathing

  technique that allows him to feel me first before I laid down on the table.

  Once there his hands never left my body which is a good sign of a real pro. Michael

  zero'd right in on the area's of my middle back where I happen to carry all my

  tension. He kneaded and stroked and pushed and pulled and didn't miss a spot on

  my body. After it was over I could barely walk back to my car to drive home. I would

  recommend Michael to anyone especially another professional CMT who sometime's

  look for a good masseur themselves. Thanks So much, Pete, Palm Springs CA 9/11

  Friends had highly recommended Michael, so I set up an appt with him. His studio

  is easy to find, and he greeted me at the gate and guided me back to a softly lit space

  with relaxing music and a large sturdy table. Michael used his hands to scan me

  from head to toe to find any unevenness in my spine or tight spots before putting

  me on his table and getting to work. He then proceeded to give me the best sports

  massage I've ever had. He is gifted with enormous intuition, and was able to find

  and work out tight spots I didn't know existed. As a bodybuilder, I find few massage

  therapists who are able to really dig in and manipulate the muscle and loosen it up

  the way Michael was able to. He was amazingly thorough--focusing on often

  ignored tight spots in the groin where muscles meet, as well as on the hands, feet &

  cranium. He left me feeling like a new man--I left without any of the tightness &

  tension with which I'd entered. I'd highly recommend Michael for anyone needing a

  professional deep tissues sport massage. 9/11

  It's always nerve racking to try out a new massage therapist not knowing if they can

  deliver an effective massage.  Not with Michael.  He truly understands the body and

  muscles.  You will not be disappointed in his approach to massage.  I went in with

  extreme tension and stress and walked out very relaxed.  He approaches the session

  with a total focus on you and identifies trouble spots effectively and works them

  out.  You will certainly return after one visit with Michael. John 8/11

  As a personal fitness trainer and lifestyle coach in Palm Springs, CA....I rarely have

  the opportunity to avail myself of a massage on a regular basis, due to my often full

  and changing schedule. I recently had an opportunity to schedule a first time

  appointment with Michael, and now fully realize and greatly appreciate my good

  fortune in having done so! My words alone will never be able to describe my

  experience with Michael's obviously vast knowledge base in various massage

  techniques...he is a true and sincere professional, well versed and educated 'above

  and beyond' what is required, however, it is his quiet grace, his connection to each

  individual, his naturally loving concern for others...and his unconditional

  acceptance of what and who is before him that has impressed me beyond any

  expectations I may have had. My experience with Michael, under his strong and

  knowing hands.....is now something I consider a beautiful gift I was given by the

  Universe....and at the perfect moment in my life! He was able to both uncover and

  resolve stress points and pain issues that have been a part of my body, my

  being...unlike any other massage therapist. Michael didn't just 'work with me' in

  this resolve...rather, I prefer to call him a 'healer', who intuited so much about my

  physical and emotional state...guiding me to release old and new stress trapped

  within my body...as well as allowing me to just 'be me' while under his amazing

  touch. Under that touch, I was also able to be in touch with myself in a completely

  new and beautiful way, be more present and emotionally available to my fellow

  humans on a daily basis. I cherish this 'gift'...and I will be Michael's client for

  life...no question, no doubt. My Very Best to You! Ted Guice 12/10

  Eureka! No, I haven’t found gold. But I have found a licensed massage therapist

  worth his weight in gold! His name is Michael. And he is a sensitive, experienced,

  well-trained therapist who left me both relaxed and energized.  Before I retired and

  moved to Palm Springs, I had a great therapist whose deep tissue massages were

  admittedly sometimes slightly painful as he work his fingers and elbows into trigger

  points; but I felt wonderful and relaxed afterwards. Since I have lived in Palm

  Springs I have had perhaps five or six massages by several different therapists. In

  each case I felt like I had received a body rub rather than a deep tissue massage.

  Michael’s massage took me back in time! Always aware of how much pressure he

  was applying, he moved from trigger point to trigger point with long, deep,

  penetrating strokes as he massaged the muscles from my neck and shoulders down

  to my feet. When he finished, I hadn’t felt as relaxed and energized in years.

  Michael is a sensitive, effective, well-trained, and experienced licensed massage

  therapist. I recommend him without reservation or hesitation. Doug R 12/10 

  I had the privilege to have met and received an amazing massage by Michael

  recently. I went to him because of a nagging backache that has resulted from mental

  stress that I have been under for the last couple of months. Michael made me feel

  comfortable and relaxed by doing some breath-work before the actual massage got

  under way. He seemed very intuitive about what to do to reduce my muscle stress

  and to increase my feeling of well being. He has a wonderful caring touch, that left

  my body and mind more relaxed and feeling refreshed. I would highly recommend

  Michael to anyone wanting to experience an excellent massage. GVC 11/10

  After sustaining a minor neck injury and getting permission from my doctor, I

  contacted Michael for a massage. Michael's sensitive nature, intuitive touch and

  healing energy is an absolute gift. He treated me with great care as he worked on my

  body. I arrived at Michael's in pain and left pain-free. He knows the human body

  and treats it with great respect.  I have received massages from Michael in the past

  and I always leave feeling wonderful. He is a strong man who really knows how to

  deliver a massage. He is very thorough and he takes his time. I have never felt

  rushed and it feels like I am his only focus when he is working on me. I recommend

  Michael to anyone seeking a quality massage! RKM 08/10

  I have been a devotee of massage therapy for more than 15 years. At 70 years of age,

  I work out regularly and depend upon massage therapy to keep mind and body

  flowing easily and harmoniously, and to help me reach that place where inner peace

  and relaxation become part of my being.  Wherever I travel, I seek out therapists of

  excellent skill and reputation and, most recently, came  across one of the absolute

  best while visiting friends in Palm Springs. Michael possesses an intuitiveness and

  understanding of the  body and  mind that set him apart and put him in a

  professional class all his own. He is a master at his craft. Dennis 10/09

  To call it just another massage would be a big understatement.  From the moment

  Michael greets you at the door, to the pre-massage breathwork, and hug, it was

  easy to surrender totally to his talented intuitive hands. He checks with you

  throughout the session to make sure the pressure is just right, and that you are

  never uncomfortable.  He reminded me of the importance of the balance between

  body, mind, and spirit, and  caressed each one with his strong, loving, healing

  touch.  Thank you, Michael, I will highly recommend you!  Rick 03/09

  I am a big ball of stress, and carry a LOT of tension in my shoulders and back.  If it

  stays unresolved for too long, I become susceptible to injury at the gym--and just

  generally uncomfortable.  Since I hadn't been to a masseur for over a year, I was

  long overdue.  It was a stroke of good luck that I found Michael!!  When I called to

  make my appointment, he was engaging, genuine, and flexible with regard to my

  schedule.  We met at his home later that week for my first session.  From the

  moment we said hello, I knew I was in good hands.  Michael's energy was both

  relaxing and uplifting at the same time, and I felt completely at ease.  We started

  with some breath-work (new to me, and quite enjoyable) and an assessment of my

  trouble spots.  Michael's skills are phenomenal in this regard--as he quickly

  and accurately found every area of tension and each knot.  He even found several I

  didn't know were there!  I was treated to an incredible mix of Swedish, deep-tissue,

  and sports massage techniques--as well as craniosacral therapy and manual

  lymphatic drainage.  Heaven!!  My first massage experience with Michael was

  nothing short of amazing, and I definitely won't be my last!!     Jim 03/09

  I’m pleased to write this review about Mike’s services. Today is the “morning after”

  I had a fantastic, therapeutic massage from Mike. I called him to let him know that I

  had a pulled muscle that was painful, and that I had some knot in my shoulder blade

  that restricted shoulder movement, and he already knew he’d be able to help me. I

  was truly in a lot of pain when I arrived, but it didn’t take long for him to give me

  major relief. This morning I feel so much better, too.  There was such a relaxing

  atmosphere throughout the session, and Mike was so intuitive to my needs and I

  even felt pampered. I lost sense of time, and Mike was no clock-watcher – his aim

  was to provide professional therapy, and he succeeded with me.  I’ve had quite a few

  massages over the years by different masseurs, but this experience definitely was so

  superior. I can’t wait to return to feel his warm, at times even tender, touches all

  over my body. I also suffer from sinus problems, so it was a surprise that he was

  able to give me some relief in that area as well – something I hadn’t expected.
  Thumbs up to Mike. He has a caring and friendly personality, and I can only highly

  recommend him for a unique massage experience. Thanks, Mike! I’ll be back.

  - Grant

  Being a massage therapist myself, I am very selective when I choose someone to

  work on me. I've gone back to Michael several times as I have found him to be very

  intuitive, knowledgeable, and effective. His sense of touch and his ability to sense

  what my body needed were amazing. I have had many men work on me and I would

  have to say that Michael was one of the best. I recommend you give him a try, you

  won't be disappointed. KN

  Michael is a very sensitive and caring masseur who does much more than the typical

  formulaic massage designed to last a specific number of minutes. He takes the time

  to gently explore and perceive where you need the most work, and that's what he

  focuses on. My massage experience with Mike was very satisfying and calming. He

  has a wonderful touch that gets rid of the bad stuff and makes you feel great. Highly

  recommended! GH

  Wow! and Wow! again...from the initial energy and breath work before the actual

  massage till the end of the whole experience I was blown away. I call it an

  experience because it was much more than a massage. He relies on his sense of

  touch and his intuitive inner sense to be aware of your energy and your needs which

  he does in a most intense way. I could not nor did I want to move or get off the table

  for about 10 minutes after he was done. I work out about 5 to 6 days a week 2 hrs at

  a time and I work about a 60 hour week on top of that. He did a deep tissue/sports

  massage and a little lymph drainage to undo all the damage ;-) I do to myself from

  working out so much and so hard, but the best part was the energy work he did to

  work out all the junk from my long hours and stressful job. Damn I almost passed

  out on his table as I was transported to some place other than the here and now...it

  was a much needed vacation and time out from all the "stuff" we collect from the

  everyday. That sense of lightness, wellbeing, balance and euphoria lingered for a

  good two days till I started collecting the "stuff" again...Michael thank you! This

  review doesn't even come close to what an amazing experience you shared with me.

  Caring, sensitive and professional what more can you ask for...now I know. LP

  I'm delighted to write my first review for this talented masseur. From the initial call

  through to the end of the great massage experience, Mike was 100% professional

  with a most friendly veneer. I am convinced that his intuitive nature enhances what

  and where to work his magic! His ability to seek out trouble spots (and most

  important, to soothe them) is remarkable! He is in constant touch with his client,

  and is a most interesting person to boot. You will be doing yourself a great favor by

  calling him for an appointment as soon as possible. RN

  Looking for a massage therapist can be a hit or miss thing , you never know what

  the particular person will be like till it’s over. Coming across Michael’s ad was a

  stroke of good fortune for me. I arrived at his home and immediately felt

  comfortable, and that I was in the presence of a dedicated professional. The

  ambiance was pleasant and his technique and touch was an outstanding experience.

  Once the session had begun I soon found myself enveloped by the experience and

  slipped away into another zone. When the session was over I was left feeling

  invigorated, centered and refreshed! I could not have expected a more satisfying

  massage. I am now one of Michael’s permanent clients. Robert Ventresca, Palm


  I am a massage therapist, new to the desert area, with 17 years of experience. Mike

  has a very gracious telephone manner and is very responsive in replying to his

  emails. He was very kind to work with me in scheduling an appointment that would

  be convenient to both of our busy schedules. I connected with him immediately. He

  greeted me with a very warm smile and an embracing hug and then asked me to

  disrobe and excused himself from the room. He explained that we would begin the

  session by doing some energy work, a combination of some light stretching and

  breathing techniques, which I found to be both relaxing and stimulating. I could feel

  his warm energy immediately and knew we would have a nice session. He is very

  sensitive and has a wonderful sense of touch. He was very attentive and very aware

  of how my body responded to his touch. His hands are warm and relaxing. The

  background music is exotic and he works in conjunction to the rhythm of his music.

  His table is comfortably outfitted. He was kind to offer water both before and after

  the massage, explaining the benefit of flushing the toxins from the body after the

  massage. Although he knew I am an experienced massage therapist, he never

  presumed that I was. I was treated as if I was having my first massage and I felt as

  though he wanted it to be the best I would ever receive. I appreciate that Mike is

  very kind, considerate and honest. He delivers a very professional, quality product

  and is an excellent masseur. Thank you, Mike, for sharing your evening and

  beautiful energy with me. TG

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